Wise duck once said... "What the hell are you staring at?!"

I should probably introduce myself if my progress on this site is this goddamn slow. I usually go by Snev on the Internet; I'd rather you not know what my real name is. I'm a twentysomething year old Canadian studying cognitive science. I plan to study neuroscience in grad school by next year and I'm definitely looking forward to that! I'm no wannabe Herbert West, though, so I'm not screwing around with the dead anytime soon. My academic interests are primarily pain, the effects of extreme cold on the body and seemingly inexplicable somatosensory phenomena. I want to know how they happen, how they interact with cognition and how their ill effects can be treated. As for what I do in my spare time, I like to watch movies, play bass for no one in particular, build muscle and write mostly nonfiction.

What am I a great big sucker for?

I'll be writing almost exclusively about these topics, including some takes and thoughts about what interests me. Keep checking back on this here site. You might be as surprised as I am to see how it grows...

I'm still learning HTML and CSS, so forgive me if not much has changed here yet. But trust me, this place ain't going anywhere. I've got a shitload of plans for you and I.